Bright Star is a Technology Company Powered by American Veterans

Bright Star is a non-profit, New Jersey-based, female ‘owned’ technology company that provides process and IT modernization (including cloud migration); case management; and document conversion services to federal, state, county and municipal government.

Bright Star is dedicated to helping American veterans transition from the military to high tech careers within Bright Star. They are veterans from OEF, OIF, Desert Shield and Desert Storm who area all trained in leading edge technologies for successful, forward-looking careers.

Case Management

We design and deploy customized, hybrid and cloud-based case management solutions for small and large agencies, from 10 users to over 800 users.

Using best-in-breed solutions that have optimized user experience across all devices, you’ll speed up delivery of services, increase quality of services, and reduce cost and complexity of case management,




Process and IT Modernization

Process and IT Modernization

Bright Star helps state, county and local government modernize IT infrastructure to reduce IT costs, ensuring security, privacy, and compliance.  We create modernization plans that work today and are sustained into the future, growing and changing with the agency.   Doing NEW with less, not just more, means building on existing investments to modernize at your own pace.

Process and IT Modernization

Bright Star Helps the City of Englewood Become a SmartCity

A municipality is a living, breathing entity. For it to function properly, all of its processes and systems need to be healthy. When it starts to lag, its becomes less and less productive causing delayed delivery of services to constituents and a continually growing backlog of work.  A municipality’s permit application department serves as a vital system in the municipality…

Bright Star Modernizes Large NJ Division of Welfare's Infrastructure, Case Management System and Processes Resulting in Dramatically Reduced Wait Time and Higher Customer Satisafaction

In most County agencies, modernization of its systems/infrastructure, processes or case management systems (if they have any at all) is something that is dreaded due to the perception that it is very costly and highly disruptive. That being said…

Large State Licensing Bureau Embraces the Cloud for Board Meeting Services

Bright Star provides eAgenda Pro/Board Meeting Services for a large medical licensing board located in Trenton, New Jersey. The bureau licenses, monitors, manages complaints and violations, and enforces regulations relating to the practice of medicine…

As President Barack Obama boldly stated in the January 2015 State of the Union address, “As a new generation of veterans comes home, we owe them every opportunity to live the American Dream they helped defend,” he said, “So to every CEO in America, let me repeat: If you want somebody who’s going to get the job done, hire a veteran.”

One New Jersey CEO didn’t wait for a call to action from the President – she’s been hiring veterans since 2008 at her blossoming technology firm, Bright Star, based in Newark, NJDorothy Nicholson, CEO of Bright Star knows and agrees with the President.  She will also tell you that while hiring veterans has very strong advantages, there are also special considerations for veterans who may suffer from PTSD, physical injuries, alcohol or substance abuse and homelessness. Several of Bright Star’s team members face these very real issues. Bright Star offers programs like mentoring, job sharing, job sampling and the buddy system to give them a better chance at becoming self-reliant and achieve success in their career endeavors.

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